SMAL WK-0815T Tea Maker and Electric Kettle with Tea Filter Lid 1.7-Liter Review

SMAL WK-0815T Tea Maker as well as Electric Kettle along with Tea Filter Lid 1.7-Liter Reviews as well as Specs

  • Double lid style, dual use for warming up water and producing tea, one-button design, simple operation.
  • Detachable teas strainer design for easy cleansing. The pull fishing rod can be lifted in order to freely locate the actual tea strainer and easily manage the soak here we are at the optimum power of tea.
  • British STRIX temperature with accuracy as much as 0.01 ℃, lifespan associated with 12000 times which is 3 times of the normal temperature.
  • High-quality borosilicate glass pot, removable base.
  • Triple power-off rights: dryout protection, steam safety, fuse protection.

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