simplehuman Slim Touch Bar Trash Can Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel 40 Liters /10.5 Gallons Reviews

simplehuman Slim Touch Bar Rubbish bin Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel Forty Liters /10.5 Gallons Item Reviews and Key Specs

  • stay-open cover: The lid remains open for as long as you want ? great for food preparation during cooking or even long chores.
  • easy open up touch-bar: Our touch bar is simple to open from any position. If your hands tend to be full, just faucet with your elbow, bundle with your hip or even nudge with your leg – the possibilities tend to be endless!
  • extra large starting: The latch system is integrated into the actual lid so absolutely nothing obstructs the opening.
  • hide extra bag: Bag put? opening tucks away extra bag so it remains neatly out of view.
  • fingerprint-proof: Fingerprint-proof finish resists streaks to keep stainless steel gleaming.

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