Roma Food Strainer and Sauce Maker for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Reviews

Roma Food Strainer and Marinade Maker for Fruits and Vegetables Specifications and Review

  • Simply Turn the actual Handle…and the Seed products & Skins Separate from the actual Puree
  • Extra-Large Capacity Hopper
  • Easy Turn Handle
  • Includes 1 Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel screen
  • Dual Mounting Program; Suction Cup Base or even the C-Clamp Base


People Who Bought This Roma Meals Strainer and Sauce Producer for Fresh Fruits as well as Vegetables Also Reviews

Roma Tomato Strainer 4 Item Accessory Kit specifications Review

Roma Tomato Strainer 4 Piece Accessory Kit
This 4-Piece Accessory Kit helps make the Roma Food Strainer & Sauce Producer the most versatile device in any kitchen. Help make your own salsa, strain the actual seeds from bananas to make your own jellies, or even create puree with regard to pumpkin pie from scratch. The 3 ac….

Roma Salsa Screen for Tomato Strainer item specs vs

Roma Salsa Screen for Tomato Strainer
Rough hole screen (1/4 in .) for making popular amount tomato salsas or whenever minimal processing cuando desired to maintain a podgy coarse texture using the foods…..

Victorio VKP250 Food Strainer as well as Sauce Maker Review specifications

Victorio VKP250 Food Strainer and Sauce Maker
The Victorio VKP250 Food Strainer as well as Sauce Maker is ideal for making all the salsas, purees, juices and jellies you love without meticulous peeling or coring. It rapidly separates fruit and vegetable blend from unwanted skin, stems and seed products. Optio….

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Back to Basics 286 5-Piece Home Canning Kit
All the Back to Basics important canning tools in one simple package. Includes: Canning Funnel, Container Wrench, Jar Lifter, Kitchen Tongs, as well as Magnetic Lid Lifter…..

Roma Fruit Screen Accessory for Tomato Strainer Review as well as specs

Roma Berry Screen Accessory for Tomato Strainer
Fine mesh display (3/64 inch) for getting rid of small seeds in respberrier, bananas, blueberries, etc. Ideal to make jams, jellies, pie teeth fillings & desert toppings…..

Norpro Jelly Strainer Remain with Bag Review specifications

Norpro Jelly Strainer Stand with Bag
Norpro’s jelly strainer with remain is ideal for straining home made vinegar, jelly fruit juice and soup…..

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