Presto 02970 Pro SaladShooter Slicer/Shredder Review

Presto 02970 Pro SaladShooter Slicer/Shredder Review and Specs

  • Slice or destroy vegetables, fruits, as well as cheese for scrumptious salads, soups, tacos, chicken wings, desserts, and much more
  • Inlcudes 4 interchangeable cones for making normal slices, thick pieces, ripple cuts, as well as shreds-plus a handy funnel guide
  • Chops nut products, grates chocolate, even tends to make bread and party cracker crumbs; Just compact digital right where you want
  • Easy clean-up; Base wipes thoroughly clean, everything else is dish washer safe
  • Makes regular slices with regard to salads, thick pieces for apple pie, shreds taters for hashbrowns and parmesan cheese for pizza


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