Nostalgia Electrics CCP510 53" Tall Vintage Collection 6-Ounce Kettle Commercial Popcorn Cart Review

Nostalgia Electrics CCP510 53" Tall Vintage Selection 6-Ounce Kettle Commercial Snacks Cart Product Review

  • 6-ounce stainless kettle with built-in mixing system
  • Yields up to as much as 16 cups of popcorn for each batch
  • Features tempered glass windows as well as a kernel catcher
  • Storage compartment guarantees corn, oil, sodium and serving containers, bags or containers are always nearby
  • Product Created to North American Electrical Standards

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Great Northern Popcorn Company 1-1/2-Ounce Duro Bag Popcorn Bags, Case of 500
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Nostalgia Electrics KPK400 Theater Popcorn Kit
The Appreciation for the past Electrics KPK400 Theater Popcorn Package lets you make healthful and delicious flavoured popcorn at home The actual kit includes 16 oz . of all natural soft-shelled taking corn and 3 different bottled spices in Nacho Cheddar, White Chedd….

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