EZE Homegoods Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker – 28 oz = 829 ML. Reviews

EZE Homegoods Cold Brew Hot Coffee Maker – 28 oz Equals 829 ML. Reviews

  • BETTER Espresso! Enjoy the benefits of much less acidic, less sour and more sweet chilly brew coffee in the shatterproof travel mug to consider with you anywhere you go — fits in your cup owner!
  • LARGE CUP FOR House OR TAKE WITH YOU — 28 ounce / 828 milliliter capacity, Diswasher Safe. Air restricted leakproof lid locks in taste so it can be stored in refrigerator for days as well as your coffee is still great!
  • MULTIPLE USES — Can be used with espresso, tea, fruit, veggies – anything you want to infuse and you have a choice of leaving the filter in or even taking it out
  • Easy to use – Easiest to make use of cold brew coffee machine available – you don’t need to purchase entire chilly brew system — simply add your crushes, water, shake, location in fridge overnight or at best 8 hours then appreciate cold brewed espresso!
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE — offered from EZE Homegoods along with discount offers on our best selling EZE Homegoods Coffee Grinder along with other products!

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