DoMatcha Traditional Japanese Bamboo Green Tea Whisk Review

DoMatcha Traditional Japanese Bamboo bedding Green Tea Whisk Reviews as well as Specs

  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Authentic and traditional device to prepare matcha
  • Heightens the tasty experience


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Tea Whisk 1 + chashaku

DoMatcha Green Tea, Natural Matcha, 1.0-Ounce Tin Review and item specs

DoMatcha Green Tea, Organic Matcha, 1.0-Ounce Tin
Certified natural by JONA (Japan Natural and organic Foods Association), this high quality, ceremonial grade Matcha is the finest and most sustainable method to enjoy the ancient Matcha custom…..

Green Matcha Whisk Holder 1 Depend specs Review

Green Matcha Whisk Holder 1 Count
This whisk owner, known as Kuse Naoshi, is ideal a whisk (Chasen) in good shape in addition to preventing from creating. The use of the owner is an ideal way to extend the life of your take (Chasen)…..

Chasen (Green Tea Whisk) as well as Small Scoop with regard to preparing Matcha product specifications vs

Chasen (Green Tea Whisk) and Small Scoop for preparing Matcha
Chasen (Green Tea Take) and Small Details for preparing matcha consists of one bamboo chasen and something small bamboo details for dishing out matcha natural powder. The chasen (bamboo teas whisk) comes in a definite tube for storage/display. This established will help you whip up….

DoMatcha DoMatcha Natural 2nd Harvest Matcha, 2.82-Ounce Review specifications

DoMatcha DoMatcha Organic 2nd Harvest Matcha, 2.82-Ounce
Domatcha organic 2nd crop matcha is 100% authentic japoneses matcha, directly from the uji area in japan where matcha came from 800 years ago. our natural 2nd harvest matcha is actually harvested in august every year. the leaves are shade-grown and just t….

DoMatcha Handcrafted Japanese Matcha Dish, Black specs

DoMatcha Handcrafted Japanese Matcha Bowl, Black
DoMatcha Handcrafted Japoneses Matcha Bowl is the black teas bowl, with its much more open shape, might traditionally be used in summer time. This bowls can be used for both Matcha preparation and as consuming bowls…..

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