Coffee People Donut Shop Extra Bold Coffee Vue Cups for Keurig Vue Brewers Review

Coffee People Donut Store Extra Bold Espresso Vue Cups for Keurig Vue Machines Product Reviews

  • Remember the good old days with this fairly sweet, full-bodied all-American classic.
  • Vue Pack to be used in Keurig Vue brewing systems
  • Gourmet coffee you have come to love, readily available for the new Keurig Vue brewing system
  • “Extra Bold” on the Vue pack indicates approximately 20% more coffee
  • Fresh Medium Beef roasts Coffee


People Who Bought This Espresso People Donut Store Extra Bold Espresso Vue Cups for Keurig Vue Machines Also Bought as well as Review Product

Emeril’s Big Easy Daring Vue Cup Coffee For Keurig Vue Machines – 16 Pack item specs vs

Emeril's Big Easy Bold Vue Cup Coffee For Keurig Vue Brewers - 16 Pack
Darkish, Robust, Bold. This traditional Parisian roast is really a thick, hearty mix. Its deep, darkish color and stimulating aroma will definitely stop it up a level.
Achieving balance in every day life is a challenge. Caribou Coffee’s signature mix meets that problem,….

Coffee People Donut Store Coffee Travel Glass Keurig Vue Portion Pack, Forty eight count specs

Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee Travel Mug Keurig Vue Portion Pack, 48 count
Prior to coffee was complex, great coffee had been simply fresh, daring, and flavorful. Espresso People? brings back the actual classic donut friend with this ideally well balanced brew of the highest quality Arabica coffee beans … dunking is encouraged. With up to 20% ….

Coffee Individuals Donut Shop Espresso Keurig Vue Portion Pack, 32 depend specs

Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee Keurig Vue Portion Pack, 32 count

32 Count -Tully’s Hawaii Coffee Vue Cup For Keurig Vue Machines

32 Count -Tully's Hawaiian Coffee Vue Cup For Keurig Vue Brewers
Beautifully balanced, heaven found with this slightly sweet variety. This mix contains 10% Hawaiian espresso and other fine Arabica coffee beans…..

Tully’s House Blend, Vue Cup Part Pack for Keurig Vue Making Systems (96 Depend)

Tully's House Blend, Vue Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Vue Brewing Systems (96 Count)
Tully’s signature blend is actually wonderfully balanced, buttery sleek, and sweet along with medium body. This boasts a distinct lighting in the forefront, however is well-rounded throughout. Chocolates notes are smoothed through sweet caramel undertones and a lingeri….

Green Hill Coffee Nantucket Blend, Vue Mugs for Keurig Vue Brewers (Ninety six Count) Review and specifications

Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend, Vue Cups for Keurig Vue Brewers (96 Count)
Easily our the majority of complex blend, Nantucket Mix brings together four espressos from three major regions to create a mesmerizing mixture of regional flavors as well as roast styles. Credit berry flavors through African beans, a complete body from Indonesian coffee beans, and sub….

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